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Bingo is Design consultancy that blends Strategic thinking with Digital insight.
We are willing to do our passion, deliver it to our lovely works, projects each and every single day.

We partner with our clients to understand their individual needs and elevate the value of their brands through thoughtfully designed experiences.

And we have remained at the forefront of technology, implementing tailored solutions with intentional outcomes. Our powerhouse team is passionate about solving unique problems through creative collaboration.

Our Skills


BobbyChief Technical Officer

04 Japans Uniqlo   Design Your Own T Shirts via Smartphone


Creative Technologist & Digital Enthusiast, the one who implement BIG Ideas on digital space.  HTML5, Interactive Media & Ableton Live is my stuff. Has an extremely high-precision bird’s eye view of every project brought to task.

PutraChief Creative Officer

03 Japans Uniqlo   Design Your Own T Shirts via Smartphone


I am The Designer, the one who connects the visual with the digital world as in my partners. art, design and fashion is my passion and digital is the world i am lived in. i have a big interest in sneakers but yet i am a gamer and a Fanboy. Say Hi!


ToniAccount Manager

01 Japans Uniqlo   Design Your Own T Shirts via Smartphone


His skills combine user experience, design & development all with an understanding of business requirements. He’s always been passionate about leveraging new technology to help businesses be more efficient and scalable. His free time is playing video games while eating junk food.


Why do you make things difficult, when you have us.

We don’t believe in the cookie-cutter approach: every project is unique, and although we do all we can to systematise the process, we apply thought and creativity to meeting the individual demands and dynamics of each project….

Bingo Indonesia
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At the inception of any project, we’ll walk through the strategy and determine how best to exploit our tools and techniques to meet your business ambitions.

Web Design & Build

Of course, our ability to design and build websites is a cornerstone of our business, but BINGO approach makes the difference between a commodity and a high-return investment. We believe that all websites should be able to pay for themselves by driving business growth.


We share the philosophy that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. This has been the essence of our unique brand mapping process that allows us to create relevant, remarkable and rewarding propositions that gain interaction, demand and value through the growing landscape of platforms for brand reach.

Campaign Strategy

The core of successful product is strategy & execution. Together we build, plan and make your product come true while making the users happy.


Bingo believes that art and technology are seamless and part of the creative process when designing for the web & print.


The site was built to provide flexibility and nuanced control over the layout of each page


foreground ipad maris 1024x674 Japans Uniqlo   Design Your Own T Shirts via Smartphone

Maris Store

A new store that has been open since December 2013 finally are going to serve you street-wear junkies a good yet informative website so its easier for the global to find  and know them more. Maris is the latest multi-concept store with an exciting brands both international and local.  We are proud as the team that build and develop their website from ground. And we can look forward to a new e-commerce sites pushing bondaries in mobile browsers.

Client: Maris Store.
Build: April 2014
Category: E-Commerce
Link: maris.co.id
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See what we’ve been up to lately in our gallery of awesome.

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Mock Up luc Coffee & c.
Luc Bar & Grill
ALLGOOD LOGO 15jan FA Coffee & c.
MARIS 2 Coffee & c.
Maris Store
PL FAIR 1 Coffee & c.
PL Fair
DNC ADVOCATE Coffee & c.
DNC Advocates
MAN Card Coffee & c.
Macan Asia Nusantara
velodome Coffee & c.
Coffee & c.



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April 8th

A very common question asked by everyone who sells online, is ‘what’s the average conversion rate for an ecommerce store?’ Not easy to answer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t at least try to look at industry averages and get a good sense of how we’re performing. Firstly, it all depends on where the traffic […]

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